We have all tried sitting at our computer with the intention of writing. You open an empty document, rest your hands on the keyboard and then… nothing. Your mind is completely blank. A minute ago you were full of ideas that has all disappeared and you are searching you brain to find the words you want to write.

As I said, we have all been there. The question is, how do you get past it and back into the creative groove. The following things is what helps me when my mind goes blank and it might help you too.

When do you write the best?

First thing first. You need to figure out when you write your absolute best. It can be a specific time a day or when you are in a good mood. If you know that you can’t write when you are mad, you probably shouldn’t try if you just had a fight with your spouse. If you don’t know yet, then you need to figure it out. It will help you in the long run.

The only way to know when you write your absolute best is by noticing your mood, the time of the day and other factors you feel is important, when your are writing and then look at the quality of your writing.

I write the best late at night when everyone else is asleep. At that time I have total silence and can write in peace with no interruptions. If I try to write at any other time a day it is often a mess that needs a lot of editing.

Start writing

The first one is pretty simple. Just start writing. It doesn’t have to be related to the thing you want to write, it doesn’t even have to be words. Some times it helps just getting something on that white document that is staring back at you from the screen.

I usually start writing what goes through my head and eventually my mind get back on track and I can write what I really want to write.

Allow your mind to be blank

Some times I need to allow my mind to be blank. If that is the case, I have had great success with opening YouTube and watching all sort of videos. I love to watch other people draw, putting on makeup or make things, so that is the kind of videos I watch on YouTube, but you watch what you love and what makes you relax.

After some time my mind automatically begins to form the things I want to write. Make sure to have your empty document open so you can easily find it and start to write when it is fresh in your mind.

Go for a walk

For this part I will recommend that you have your phone or a notepad with you. You will need something you can jot your thoughts down on, if something pops up in your mind while walking. It would be a shame to get a great idea and then forgetting it before you get the chance to write it down. Trust me, it has happened to me plenty of times, and if you think having a blank mind is bad, then try to remember that great idea you know you had earlier, but just can’t recall.

Going for a walk is not only healthy for your body, but also for your mind. I can’t say what it is that happens in your brain when you get out in the fresh air, but I can say that it really helps. I have had some of my best ideas when going for a walk.

If none of the above works

If nothing works for me, then I’ll leave it. I will rather wait a day or two to write and then write well than to force something out that ends up being trashed. Ask yourself how important it is that you write today. In most cases it can wait. I know that in some cases you will need it to be done yesterday rather than today and in those cases I am sure that the stress is a big factor as to why your mind is blank. So even though you are in a hurry, take the time to breath, do something nice for yourself. You need to relax your mind to write.

If you think these tips are helpful or have helped you, please comment below.


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    You are absolutely right. Writers, bloggers and the likes often hit that wall, and sometimes harder than we think. Changing you’re environment is always a great way to overcome this obstacle. We are only human and it is normal to sort of freeze up once in a while. For me, going for a long walk and not thinking about things works well. I always carry a small voice recorder with me in case ideas come up while away and especially when my wife and I take the trailer out to the mountains for several days where we want to get away from the hustle and bustle. There are always motivational tools that one can use. Many can even be found on Youtube by searching out creative writing. Thanks for your post.

    • Belinda Scarlett


      You are absolutely right, it happens to all who writes.
      Great idea with the voice recorder, tho I’m not sure it would work for me. The main thing is to find the tools that works for you.

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    Thank you for this post! I get writer’s block a lot because I think it’s already all been said! This reminds me to just give myself a chance and the words will naturally flow. I especially like the suggestion of having some sort of note pad to jot down ideas. Alas! My best ideas happen in the shower! 🙂 Great article!

    • Belinda Scarlett


      Writers block is the worst. I am happy that you find it helpful. I get a lot of ideas in the shower as well… maybe it’s possible to find some kind of notepad that can be used in the shower 🙂

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