As you might have seen on my Instagram or facebook my husband have created a bunch of beautiful wands and I want to share with you, how he made them. He has, of cause, allowed me to post this tutorial and share it with all of you. Being a family of Potterheads, I have another wand tutorial on my site where I’ve used hot glue.

So let’s dive into how to make a paper wand.


What you will need


Making the base

The first thing you need to do is to take one pieces of A4 paper and roll it into a cone. This will be the base of your wand so make sure you have rolled it in the length you want your wand to be. Close of the ends with glue or masking tape.


Take the other pieces of A4 paper, cut it to the size you want the handle to be and roll it tightly around the bottom of the wand to get a clear edge that will define the handle of your wand. Remember to secure it with glue or masking tape.




Fill the wand with kitchen towel that are curled up into balls. Press it down with the end of your brush or a pencil to make sure you press as much paper towel down there as possible. You want it to be hard enough to grip without destroying the wand.






When you have filled the inside of the wand round off the end with more paper towel. This step should be easy enough with a single large ball of paper towel that fits in the end.

(I’m sorry about the pure quality of the last two images. I think my husband was in a hurry when he took them.)






Cover the entire wand with masking tape to secure everything. Make sure to round off the tip of the wand with the tape. You want it pointy but not too pointy.







Now you start to cover the wand with the shredded newspaper.

Mix some water into the glue to be able to really soak the newspaper.

You can either dip the shredded newspaper directly into the bowl with glue and put it on the wand with your hands or you can brush a little bit of glue on the wand, place the newspaper shred and the brush the glue on there.

You will need to do this two times

Leave it to dry between the layers to get the best result.

Now your wand should look like this –>



Start shaping

To shape the wand you will need more paper towel and glue mixed with water. My husband chose to cover the entire wand with paper towel which gave the wand a wood-like feel.

The details were also made with paper towel he simply rolled into sausages in the size he wanted and glued them on to define the handle and decorate the wand.

This is where you have the chance to put your personal touch on the wand and make it look just how you prefer.



The last step is painting the wand. Once again you can do what you want. How you paint the wand is entirely up to you and once the paint is dry the wand is ready to play with, decorate a shelf or whatever you want to do with your wand.



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