Harry Potter will always be a fan favorite and a true fan will need a wand to show off. Off cause, you don’t have to be a Harry Potter fan to make this wand. You can make it however you want it, it is only your fantasy and creativity that sets the limits. So lets just dive into the easy way to make a Harry Potter wand right away.


What you’ll need

The great thing about this is that you probably already have all you need in your home.

The main components:

Thinks you can use to decorate it:


How to make the wand

First you need to have chopsticks and glue gun ready. If you are planning on decorating it with beads or something like that, make sure to have those things at hand as well.

Start putting the hot glue on the top part of the chopstick. You will have to put a lot on there. You can always add more glue as you go, so you don’t need to add all of it at once.

When you are satisfied with the amount of glue you can start shaping it with your hands. Be careful when shaping. The glue is hot after all and you don’t want to burn your fingers.

Now you will need to add the decorations if you want. Below are a few images for inspiration.

On this wand I have added beads on the top.

On this one I have made rings with the hot glue, shaped tin foil into a ball and painted and wrapped in wire beforehand.

This wand is my favorite. I used crumpled tin foil to give the hot glue some structure and some tin foil got stuck in the glue.


Allow to harden and then paint

When you are happy with the shape of your wand give the glue a few minutes to harden. Luckily this part doesn’t take long at all.

When completely hardened you can start painting. You should probably find something you can place the wand in when the paint dry. Paint the top or the bottom half first, let it dry and then paint the other half. That way you ensure that you don’t get any ugly spots where something has touched the paint while wet.

A wand doesn’t have to be brown. It can easily be blue, gold, pink, purple or whatever color you like.


Time to do some magic

Now your wand is finished and you really don’t need to do anymore. However, if you want a more magical look you can add glitter here and there. If you put glitter on it I recommend that you give it a layer of clear lacquer, that way you won’t end up looking like you had a fist fight with a fairy every time you touch it. (The picture above with the blue wand has glitter on the handle. I learned it the hard way.)


Easy as that

As you can see, this is an easy way to make a wand. It doesn’t take much time, supplies or skills. If you are doing this with your kids you need to make sure that the hot glue is cool enough to touch before they start shaping their wand, but other than that the kids can easily do this too.

By the way, you can do so much shaping and molding with the hot glue that no one will ever know that you have used a chopstick to build from. Now you just need to get started.


  1. Reply

    Thanks for the great post once again! I really like this idea and my kids will all love it as well. It’s always good to find simple Ideas to keep them occupied. 🙂
    They will be casting spells in no time!!!

    • Belinda Scarlett


      The youngest of my kids is almost 7 years old and making things with her require that it is quick and easy or she will loose interest before we are done so this project is one I love to do with my daughter and she loves to play with it afterwards.

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