As the fantasy genre has grown, dragons and dragon eggs are insanely popular. Whether you are a Game of Thrones fan, How to Train your Dragon fan, Harry Potter fan, fan of other fantasy shows or movies, or simply love dragons and dragon eggs, you can DIY dragon eggs and put your own personal touch and/or fantasy spin on it.

What are the Dragon Eggs made of

These Dragon Eggs are made with a mixture of cement and plaster (you can use a quick drying cement). They are not the easiest thing to make, but trust me, you will get the hang of it. I had to give it a few tries myself and I had some miserable failures along the way. At one point I ended up with the cement mixture all over my kitchen, so if you have a garage or workshop it would probably be best to do it there.

What you will need

You will need a few things to make these Dragon Eggs, but nothing expensive.

If you want to make 3D scales on the outside of the eggs, you will also need a marker pen and a tool to carve with, preferably something thin and easy to control.

How to start

Depending on the cement you use, you might want to sift it to make sure that there are no small stones or lumps in there.

When you have done that you will need the bottle and the funnel. You want to use the bottle to mix everything in.

Put 2 parts cement and one part plaster into the bottle. Now comes the first tricky part. The amount of water varies both according to the cement, the amount and how thick you want the Dragon Eggs to be. It needs to be runny enough to get into the balloon but if you make it too runny it will take to long to harden. Once you have added the 3 ingredients, just screw on the cap and shake.

The next part is also a bit tricky. You need to blow up a balloon and attach it to the bottle without letting the air escape. I usually blow it up a bit bigger than I want the Dragon Egg to be. Once you have attached the balloon to the bottle you have to empty the cement mixture into the balloon, get the balloon of the bottle and tie a knot. You will probably get some cement mixture on the outside of the balloon, so make sure to do it close to a sink, that way you can rinse of the cement mixture that ended up on the outside of the balloon.

The next part is easy and relaxing. All you need to do now is spin the mixture around inside the balloon. It needs to be done slowly if you don’t want to end up with a mess. Make sure the cement mixture is covering all of the inside surface of the balloon to get the best result. You also have a chance to create a more egg like shape at this point by pressing the balloon slightly on the sides while moving it around.

When you can feel that the cement mixture doesn’t move around so much inside the balloon its time to stop. I usually set it on a table because it creates a flat surface it can stand on when finished. You can also place it in a basket with something soft inside if you refer it to be completely oval.

Wait for it to harden

This is the hardest part to me. Waiting for it to harden always seems like it takes forever. I usually wait at least 3 days but it can be both longer and faster to harden. Make sure to check how long your cement takes to harden and use that to determine how long you have to wait, and keep your hands off. If you touch the balloon too soon you risk the entire thing collapsing inside the balloon.

The moment of truth

When you are sure that the Dragon Egg is hardened you need to get it out of the balloon. This is the moment of truth. I have had eggs collapse when I cut a hole in the balloon several times. Every time that has happened I have made some kind of mistake along the way. Sometimes I have been too impatient and cut the balloon open before the egg was truly hardened. I have made the shell to thin by putting too much water in my mixture or by not having enough mixture in the balloon.

To get the egg out of the balloon you will need to cut a hole in it. I usually cut where the knot is. When air comes in the balloon will automatically try to deflate but because it is surrounding a solid object it will either “blow” or get stuck. If it gets stuck you simply make a small cut into the balloon and it will curl back on its own.

What’s next

Now you should have a nice oval, but gray and boring Dragon Egg.

If you want to make 3D scales you have to find your marker pen and draw the scales onto the egg in the design you want and then start carving. You will end up with a lot of dust and it takes time to do, but it looks great when you are done.

Now you want to find a thin spot on the egg. I do it by tapping with the knuckle on my finger. You should be able to hear the difference between the thin and the thick spots.

When you have found a thin spot you make a hole. The hole needs to be big enough for you to work on the inside of the egg.

Once you have made the hole its time to find the paint. I use acrylic paint. Now paint the inside of the egg, and let it dry. If you want glitter on the inside, which gives a beautiful effect you have to start putting glue over the layer of paint and then add the glitter. I always do this in sections to make sure that the glue hasn’t dried up in some places when I add the glitter. I always turn the egg upside down, over a piece of paper, when I’m done adding glitter and tap gently on the sides to get the excess glitter out. If you don’t want to use glitter I recommend that you use a metallic paint to get some reflection from the candle light inside.

Now you can paint the outside of the Dragon Egg it you want to. I have made some, where I didn’t paint the outside and some, where I did. It’s totally up to you.

Now you have made a DIY Dragon Egg you can be proud of and that everyone you know will admire.

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