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I realize that a lot of my content is Harry Potter related, but trust me, I will be making other things too. However, this DIY Dementor I had to share with you. I actually didn’t make this myself, my husband made it, but it is super simple to make and a must have if you are a true Harry Potter fan.

What you will need

This is actually one of the most simple things to make and you probably have all the things you need already.

  • A bottle – preferably one with a long neck
  • Cloth – a cloth diaper or an old dishtowel
  • Liquid glue – you will need a lot of it
  • Wooden skewers
  • Black paint

Making the dementor

First you need to cut the cloth in smaller pieces. Try to rip some of them at the edge to give a more ragged look. Soak the cloth in glue. Make sure that it is soaked all the way through before taking the next step.

Now rind your bottle and start placing the cloth over it. It might take some tries before you get it right. When you have put a couple of pieces on the bottle you can try to place the skewers under the cloth to form the arms.

Tip: If you can’t get the shape right then use tinfoil and tape to shape with, before putting the cloth on the bottle.

When you are happy with the look of your dementor just leave it to dry.

Finishing the dementor

When the glue is all dried up all there is left to do is painting it. My husband only used black paint, but if you want to give it more dept and keep a ragged look you can use brown and gray paint too.

More images

diy dementorHarry Potter dementor
Harry Potter dementor
Harry Potter dementor

Forgive me

Please forgive the poor image quality and the fact that the image was taken in poor lighting on my dinner table. This was made a bit fast and I didn’t have any images of the dementor already.

As I was turning it to take the images I realized that it needs a bit more paint here and there, but given that this is my husbands creation, I will let him fix it.

By the way, my husband have allowed me to make a post about his dementor.

I would love to see what you have made and you can show me on Facebook or Instagram.


  1. Reply

    That is a very simple, and very cool idea. Something I will certainly have to try with my kids. Or maybe I’ll just make one for my wife. lol. Shes a huge Harry potter fan as well. Thanks for the great post!

    • Belinda Scarlett


      Some times the most simple ideas are the best. I hope your kids and wife will love making and receiving a dementor 🙂

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