A Danish Christmas heart is a braided Christmas heart that we hang on our Christmas trees. The braided Christmas heart is one of the things that I have enjoyed to make for as long as I can remember. The simple ones are easy to make but the more intricate the design, the harder it is to braid and it will take some practice.


What you will need

  • Paper – preferably gloss paper, but wrapping paper or other types of thick paper will do.
  • Scissors or hobby knife
  • Pencil
  • Glue
  • Template


How to make the hearts

First you will need to print out the template and cut along the lines. You will need the template to draw pattern onto the paper.

Fold the paper so the template fits on there. The bottom of the template needs to be on the folded edge. Now do the same on a different colored paper.

Depending on the design of the heart you will either have one or two templates. If you only have one you will simply use the same template again one the other paper. If you have two you will use the second template on the other paper.

Cut out the two sides of the heart.


Now it’s time for braiding. You will need to start on the top part and work your way down. Put one strand of one side into one strand on the other part and then switch so you put the second strand on the first part on the outside of the first strand. Continue this way and keep on switching til you have worked your way down to the end.

If done right you should end up with a heart you can open up at the top.


Now you can cut a handle that you can glue on and hang the heart on your Christmas tree. The handle is simply a long strand of paper folded in half and glued on the inside of the heart.


History of the Christmas heart

The braided Chris heart is more then a 100 years old. According to danish history the first braided Christmas heart was made by danish writhed Hans Christian Andersen. No one knows if he invented it or if he learned it from someone else. However, the heart he made is kept in a museum here in Denmark. The heart had no handle and probably wasn’t meant to be an ornament, but it has evolved into an ornament over time where the designs have also become more detailed.



I have made a few templates that I will share with you. These templates is available for download here. I apologize in advance for the not so pretty templates. I made them fast and hadn’t had time to make them better.



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